Commentary: Rex Tillerson could request dismissal of human rights charges against Exxon as US Secretary of State

Author: Karl Mathiesen, Climate Home, Published on: 16 January 2017

“At State, Tillerson could get Exxon off human rights charges”, 11 January 2017

 …Exxon’s lawyers are engaged in an active case in the Colombia District Court that Exxon has fought for 16 years, across the entirety of Tillerson’s tenure as CEO. If he is confirmed as secretary of state, Tillerson could recommend the court dismiss the case against Exxon…on the grounds that it would damage US relations with Indonesia…The 2001 suit…claims that Exxon either knew or should have known about human right abuses conducted by Indonesian soldiers that were on its payroll during Aceh’s independence struggle…The company has not argued in court that the crimes were not committed, but that the villagers do not have the right to sue the company in the US…Court documents contain graphic descriptions of violence committed by the soldiers of Indonesian army Unit 113 – which the company hired from the Suharto regime to protect its Arun natural gas facility…The case is expected to go to trial in the coming year…

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