Commentary: Sand dredging in Cambodian mangrove forests for export to Singapore causes loss of livelihood & forced migration

Author: Kalyanee Mam, Emergence Magazine, Published on: 21 July 2018

"Lost World", 16 July 2017

For over a decade, the government of Cambodia has granted several private companies concessions to mine these mangrove forests for sand. ...Cambodia destroys its only natural protection...lays waste to a vital and fragile ecosystem that thousands of families depend on for their livelihood.

...Since the sand dredging began, every family in Koh Sralau has lost a family member, each one forced to migrate to other places and other countries for work.

...Singapore imported over 80 million tons of sand, worth more than $740 million, from Cambodia. Marina Bay built on top of 250 acres of sand or reclaimed land.

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