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Non-responder: 2016 Gulf Construction Survey

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Survey non-response
26 June 2019

Consolidated Contractors Company's non-response: Migrant Workers in Qatar (2018 survey)

We invited Consolidated Contractors Company to respond to our 2018 survey on the welfare of their migrant workers on projects in Qatar; Consolidated Contractors Company did not respond. The results of the survey were published in our briefing On Shaky...

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12 February 2019

A supply chain of complicity: Labour exploitation in Qatar and migrant workers' access to justice

Author: Linde Bryk, Legal Advisor, European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights

…Forced labour is a global phenomenon that often goes hand in hand with transnational business activities and long labour supply chains. Forced labour risks are particularly high in sectors that rely on outsourcing their operations, such as the...

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Survey non-response
1 December 2016

Consolidated Contractors Company declined to respond to 2016 construction survey on migrant worker rights in Qatar

Consolidated Contractors Company declined to respond to our survey on migrant worker rights in Qatar.

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7 June 2016

New interactive platform tracks construction companies’ action on migrant-worker rights in the Gulf

Business & Human Rights Resource Centre is inviting 100 construction companies operating in Qatar and/or the UAE to respond to a set of questions about their approach to migrant-worker rights. Of the 47 companies we have contacted to date, 10 comp...

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21 September 2015
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Author: Carlos Bravo, Pú (España)

“La irresponsabilidad social de las multinacionales españolas en Qatar”, 19 de Septiembre de 2015...

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23 June 2015
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قطاع الإنشاءات في قطر: التواصل مع الشركات بشأن ظروف العمل...

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