Corinthia Group says it has no investment in brutal Sudan

Author: Matthew Vella, Malta Today, Published on: 12 September 2007

One of Khartoum’s most exciting projects the grand Burj el-Fatih. The fantastic hotel carries with it the Maltese stamp: the construction arm of the Corinthia Group is heading the project...“Corinthia has not invested in Sudan, but a subsidiary company had…in 2000, entered into an agreement to provide consulting services for the design and building of a hotel in Khartoum which is now nearing completion,” Corinthia Group secretary Alfred Fabri said. The Libyan-financed Burj in fact being built by the Corinthia’s projects division QPML. The hotel’s investor is Corinthia’s parent company, the Libyan Arab Foreign Investment Co (LAFICO)...Several companies are preparing for a pullout. Rolls Royce, Siemens, Switzerland’s ABB and Canada’s CHC Helicopter are in the queue for divestment...However, Corinthia has not answered as to whether its services were indeed giving legitimacy to the Sudanese capital. In the fine line between business and human rights, it is usually the bottom line that counts.

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