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Court Rules that Union Carbide Can't Be Sued for Ongoing Pollution in Bhopal

Author: Rick Herz, Earthrights, Published on: 24 May 2016

Today, a New York federal appeals court found that Union Carbide Corp. (UCC) could not be sued for ongoing pollution of drinking water from the notorious chemical plant in Bhopal, India...On December 2, 1984, poisonous gas from the Bhopal plant enveloped nearby communities, killing thousands. The water pollution here is unrelated to the Gas Disaster, but has been leaching from the same plant ever since it was shut down afterward. Marco Simons, ERI’s General Counsel, added, “These families have been living with Union Carbide’s pollution for decades. This lawsuit is only one of the many efforts, in India and the United States, to obtain justice and a cleanup for the people of Bhopal, and we remain committed to that work." Plaintiffs plan to file a petition for rehearing.

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