COVID-19 & Risks to Migrant Workers in Qatar & the UAE: Company comments

Since we published the report, Laing O'Rourke, Vinci/ QDVC and Salini Impreglio replied to us providing more information. More company comments relating to our briefing will be added as they are received.

  • Laing O'Rourke informed us that they are continuing to pay workers who have been in self-isolation a full salary
  • Vinci/QDVC included more information including that they have taken to install a COVID-19 Steering Committee and COVID-19 points of contact on all projects. Additionally, they have identified workers who are most at risk from the virus and are taking them off project sites while continuing to pay them full wages. They confirmed that their workers are housed in four person rooms, allowing for 6 square metres of space per room occupant. 
  • Salini Impreglio provided further information regarding room size and specifications, that they are carrying our daily sanitation measures and conducting awareness raising. They are also impementing social distancing measures and informed us that no workers will have contracts terminated and that those in quarantine/ isolation are being paid wages in full. They have demobilised workers more likely to suffer the worst effects of Covid-19.
  • The Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy provided us with a statement clarifying the remit of their responsibilities, and points that we had raised on workers' accommodation, use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and worker nutrition.
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11 May 2020

Response to the report published by the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre

Author: Qatar Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy

Download the full document here

16 April 2020

Salini Impreglio updates re migrant workers & Covid-19

Author: Salini Impreglio

The number of employees per room is in line with the Local requirements...

Daily cleaning and sanitation regimes are maintained... 

Tool box talks on cleaning and disinfection are conducted on a daily basis...

no Salini Impregilo’s employee is being terminated or suspended. Moreover, scheduled resignations and terminations have been postponed and the employees in quarantine / isolation are being paid wages in full...

Salini Impregilo has put to rest employees with an age of 55 years or more and those that suffer from severe or chronic diseases.

Download the full document here

8 April 2020

Laing O'Rourke updates re migrant workers & Covid-19

Author: Laing O'Rourke

All our operatives continue to be paid their full salaries for days off work due to sickness. We have had no one test positive for COVID-19 thus far and therefore no one has been quarantined.

However every operative who has been placed under self-isolation in our accommodation facilities because he exhibits flu like symptoms or had flown in from another country before the travel ban was implemented, continue to receive full pay without the requirement for sick leave certification.

Should any of our operative test positive for COVID 19, he will be paid in full till such time that he gets a medical clearance to resume work.

Download the full document here

8 April 2020

Vinci/ QDVC updates re migrant workers & Covid-19

Author: Vinci/ QDVC

QDVC has installed a COVID-19 Steering Committee...

A Person In Charge of COVID-19 (PIC C19) has been appointed on all QDVC projects...

all workers above 55 years and with pre-existing health conditions are being asked to stay back in the workers’ community while being paid their wages in full...

QDVC is compliant with the Qatar Foundation standards for housing workers - 4 persons per room with 6 square meter per person.

Download the full document here