Czech Republic adopts National Action Plan on Business & Human Rights

In October 2015, the Ministry for Human Rights, in conjunction with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, established the business and human rights working group, which was tasked with developing the Czech Republic National Action Plan for Business and Human Rights. The National Action Plan was adopted by the Government in October 2017.

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1 November 2017

Czech Republic National Action Plan on Business & Human Rights

Author: Minister for Human Rights, Equal Opportunities and Legislation

...The point of the Action Plan is not simply to set tasks and make recommendations. The preparation of the Action Plan was an opportunity to take stock of past processes and measures being carried out in business and human rights... The Plan aims to raise awareness of the concept of business and human rights... The Guiding Principles and the Action Plan seek not to create a new regulatory system, but to identify flaws in and enhance the existing regulatory situation...The objectives of this Action Plan are consistent with the Strategic Framework of the Czech Republic 2030, in particular its tenets of "Let's preserve and support diversity" and "Let's respect fundamental human rights".

...The Government of the Czech Republic recommends that businesses consider introducing an internal due diligence mechanism to spot and eliminate human rights risks,... have procedures in place in case their operations cause human rights loss... to provide a remedy,... [and] formally provide information on how they are dealing with risks [of serious human rights violations], even in situations where the law does not require them to do so... Large-scale projects with a potential major impact [should] be publicly presented and consulted.... [The Government recommends that] industry associations and voluntary business associations raise awareness of the Guiding Principles in their activities and urge their members to incorporate these Guiding Principles into their internal corporate documents.

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