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15 November 2016

UK: Lego ends advertising with Daily Mail after calls for companies to "Stop Funding Hate"

Author: Ben Kentish, Independent (UK)

Lego will stop advertising its products in the Daily Mail, following a public campaign calling on big companies to drop adverts from newspapers accused of promoting “hatred, discrimination and demonisation”, the company has announced. The Danish firm,...

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14 October 2015

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights raises concern over media's role in fomenting anti-refugee sentiment

Author: Sam Jones, Guardian (UK)

"Refugee rhetoric echoes 1938 summit before Holocaust, UN official warns", 14 Oct 2015...

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4 September 2015

UK: Sun & Daily Mail accused of contributing to create anti-refugee sentiment in UK

Author: Max Fisher, Vox

"Nothing captures Western hypocrisy on refugees like these British tabloid front pages"...

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28 May 2013

Lucy Meadows coroner tells press: 'shame on you' [UK]

Author: Helen Pidd, Guardian (UK)

A coroner…ruled that a primary school teacher had killed herself after her gender reassignment became national news. Michael Singleton…singled out the Daily Mail as he accused the paper of…"character assassination" of Lucy Meadows….Meadows poisoned...

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1 October 2012

[PDF] Corporate Responsibility to Respect Human Rights: Challenges and Opportunities for Europe and Japan

Author: Jörg Polakiewicz, Nagoya University

The paper provides an analysis and overview over the existing human rights standards relating to business...It also analyses existing law and practice regarding civil and criminal liability of corporations...in Europe and [USA]...[as well as] Japan’s...

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30 January 2012

Legal aid bill: why the media's silence?

Author: John Prescott, former Deputy Prime Minister in Guardian [UK]

New legislation [in the Legal aid bill] would stop people taking on big corporations...the second part of the bill, which is nothing less than a cack-handed attempt to change the legal system to benefit large corporations when they are being sued...[It...

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1 March 2008

[PDF] Taking The Temperature

Author: Rory Sullivan, Insight Investment [UK]

In 2007, we initiated a project to assess how companies are managing their greenhouse gas emissions...In total, we assessed 125 companies, covering the FTSE100...and large cap European stocks…47 of the 125 companies have stabilised or reduced their...

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19 February 2006

Stamp It Out campaign

Author: Survival International

Survival's Stamp It Out campaign aims to challenge racist descriptions of tribal peoples in the media... Terms like 'stone age' and 'primitive' have been used to describe tribal people since the colonial era, reinforcing the idea that they have not...

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16 February 2006

UK: Pilger and Simpson urge journalists to drop ‘stone age’ and ‘primitive’

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1 January 2005

In the firing line

Author: Hazards [Trade Unions Congress magazine]

Britain's safety laws need improving to protect lives. At the moment they can't even protect the jobs of people raising safety concerns. [refers to Costain, Connex (part of Veolia Environnement), South West Trains (part of Stagecoach Group), Midland...

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