DaimlerChrysler (now Daimler)

Member of UN Global Compact

Headquarters in Germany

In October 2007, following the sale of most of its Chrysler unit, DaimlerChrysler changed its name to Daimler.


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3 May 2018

Daimler promises to audit cobalt supply to ensure child labour not used to power its electric vehicles

Author: Mark Thompson, CNN

"Daimler promises to audit cobalt supply 'to the mine'"...

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2 May 2018

How electric car & tech companies could be using child labour-mined cobalt from small-scale miners in Dem. Rep. of Congo; includes companies' comments

Car and technology companies source cobalt, which is used in powering electric vehicles and smartphones, from the Democratic Republic of Congo. A CNN investigation has revealed that children still work in some smaller mines, posing a challenge for the...

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2 October 2017

The US Chamber of Commerce might not be what you think

Author: Corynne Cirille, Racked

As the nation’s largest lobbying group, the US Chamber...spent close to $104 million on lobbying in 2016... Over the years, intense public pressure forced many corporations to take a public stance on issues like climate change, equal pay, and...

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1 January 2014
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Author: Francisco Javier Zamora Cabot, La Universitat Jaume I

En 2004, veintidós residentes en Argentina presentaron demanda contra Daimler/Chrysler AG [en]…California…Los demandantes alegaban que Mercedes- Benz Argentina, subsidiaria de [Daimler/Chrysler], había colaborado con las fuerzas de seguridad de ...

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18 September 2013

[PDF] Corporate Legal Accountability Quarterly Bulletin – Issue 10, Sep 2013

Author: Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

Welcome to the 10th issue of the Corporate Legal Accountability Quarterly Bulletin. To assist all those following corporate legal accountability issues, we send this bulletin to highlight key developments, new cases profiled on our site, updates to...

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20 June 2013

Case profile: Apartheid reparations lawsuits (re So. Africa)

Author: Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

[Business & Human Rights Resource Centre case profile for lawsuit against 20 banks and corporations regarding reparations for alleged complicity of the defendants in abuses committed by the South African Apartheid regime.]

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29 April 2013

Supreme Court Could Redraw The Reach Of America's Courts

Author: Michael Bobelian, Forbes

DaimlerChrysler AG v. Bauman, which the Court will hear in its next term, asks the Court to resolve a different but related question: can an American court exercise jurisdiction “over a foreign corporation based solely on the fact that an indirect...

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1 May 2012

Corporate Complicity in Human Rights abuses in Latin America

Author: Marcelo Saguier, National Science and Technology Research Council (CONICET) and Latin American School of Social Sciences (FLACSO)

The linkages between corporations and human rights have been addressed…mostly as a regulatory challenge...In addition to a responsible and accountable private sector, the promotion of human rights also requires the active role of the state…[The] agenda...

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24 June 2010

Companies commit to human rights in increasing numbers

Author: Business and Human Rights Resource Centre & Realizing Rights

As representatives of over 1000 companies gather this week in New York at the United Nations Global Compact Leaders Summit, Realizing Rights and the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre have published a list of over 270 companies worldwide known...

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31 May 2010

[PDF] Think globally, sue locally: Out-of-court tactics employed by plaintiffs, their lawyers, and their advocates in transnational tort cases

Author: Jonathan Drimmer, Steptoe & Johnson, released by U.S. Chamber of Commerce Institute for Legal Reform

Over the past 15 years, there has been a sharp rise in lawsuits brought against United States companies, as well as foreign companies with a substantial U.S. presence, that are premised on alleged personal or environmental injuries that occur overseas....

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