Danish firm Lundbeck to stop US jails using drug for lethal injections

Author: Adam Gabbatt & David Batty, Guardian [UK] , Published on: 1 July 2011

Lundbeck will demand that US distributors sign an agreement stating that they will not make pentobarbital…available for prisons using it for lethal injections. The move comes after the UK banned the export to the US of pentobarbital and two other pharmaceutical drugs used to execute prisoners on death row in April this year. "Lundbeck will have to approve each order and everyone buying the product must sign a paper stating they will not sell it on to prisons," said Ulf Wiinberg, chief executive of Lundbeck. He said US prisons had been able to buy the drug indirectly through stores and wholesalers…Wiinberg said the company discussed the issue with its shareholders and human rights organisations. "I have not experienced any pressure from our shareholders," he said. "My understanding is that they have felt that we did the right thing."…Reprieve investigator Maya Foa said in a statement. "Other pharmaceutical companies should now follow Lundbeck's example."

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