DESA response

Author: DESA, Published on: 7 March 2017

First, we must clarify the information in the article. DESA has never filed a civil lawsuit against a person for a particular crime. The lawsuit has been filed before the Honduran justice system for defamation and for blaming irresponsibly a company of a crime they did not commit. These actions, besides being an offence and a calumny in Honduras, represent a tremendous lack of ethic and of trueness. Honduras is a country with important challenges and investment projects, as those of DESA, contribute in creating quality jobs that allow hundreds of families escape poverty and reach a better life...Nevertheless, unfortunately there are people that arduously work to disqualify and destroy  the development opportunities that communities have in Honduras. To say a lie against DESA is to disqualify and to attack the motor of development of hundreds of families that due to these initiatives have found a job that allows them to construct a better future…

[This is a non-official translation by the BHRRC, the complete response is available in Spanish here]

This is a response from the following companies: Desarrollos Energéticos (DESA)