Disregarding human rights concerns, US resumes arm shipments To Egypt

Author: MintPress News, Published on: 5 April 2015

"Disregarding Human Rights Concerns, US Resumes Arm Shipments To Egypt", 1 April 2015

Despite widespread repression of human rights activists, political opponents, and journalists that have garnered worldwide condemnation, the Egyptian government will once again be the recipient of U.S. weapons shipments and military aid after the Obama administration announced it was ending a freeze of such support on Tuesday...Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, the Committee to Protect Journalists, and others have repeatedly slammed Egypt for its human rights record and backtracking on reforms. The New York Times reports that the lifting of the arms embargo by the Obama administration signals “a geopolitical trade-off for the American leader” which, in effect, shows that the U.S. government is “done punishing Cairo for toppling an elected president and that [President Obama] was instead focusing on the shared goal of combating extremist elements in Libya and Yemen”...

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