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[DOC] Congo-Kinshasa: Traceability of minerals from the East – Launch in Goma of a control system

Author: Faustin Kuediasala, Le Potentiel [Dem. Rep. of Congo], Published on: 11 May 2010

[Title translation, and the following summary of the article's key points, provided by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre; original article in French follows.]
Radio Okapi reports that the pilot project on the protection of minerals in eastern DRC was officially launched on 7 May in Goma...According to the managers of the "ITRI Tin Supply Chain Initiative" (ITSCI), which originated this project, this new mechanism will help not only artisanal miners but also the DRC Government to better quantify the volume of coltan and other minerals exploited in eastern DRC. Various NGOs have often pointed to these minerals as a source of the recurrent tensions that destabilise this region. [refers to BEB Investment, Comptoir Panju, CR Central Africa, Malaysia Smelting, Metmar, Minerals Supply Africa, Refractory Metals Mining, Tengen Metals, Thailand Smelting and Refining (Thaisarco, partie de AMC Group), Trademet, Traxys, T.T.T. Mining]

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