Doctors take insurers on over curbs [China]

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2 August 2006

Doctors take insurers on over curbs [China]

Author: Chester Yung, Standard [Hong Kong, China]

Private doctors have called on the government to regulate against unsuitable clauses in medical insurance schemes that could put patients at risk..."It is not simply a matter of money but of life and death,"...Medical Association chairman Choi Kin...said...[quoting] a report by the Medical Council [as saying] that a major insurance company...had imposed "unreasonable conditions" on doctors...limiting the number of repeat visits a patient can make to clinics...The Medical Council warned these clauses would lower the standard of heath care to a dangerous level.

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1 August 2006

BUPA accused of applying restrictions in its contracts with private doctors, posing serious risks to patients’ health [China]

Author: Apple Daily [Hong Kong, China]

[Original article in Chinese. Title translation, and following summary of the article's key points, provided by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre.]
BUPA was accused of imposing unreasonable conditions in its contracts with private doctors that could pose serious health risks to patients, up to a dangerous level. It claimed the measures are to safeguard against abuse or overuse by participating doctors in its insurance programme. The conditions include restrictions on repeat visits, specialist referrals, lab tests and quantity of prescribed medications. BUPA attributed the tighter measures to patients’ heightened health awareness after SARS. One of its rivals, Blue Cross, said their policies do not impose the same restrictions on doctors.

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