Don't let stereotypes dictate pregnancy policies [USA]

Author: HR Specialist, Ohio Employment Law [USA], Published on: 7 November 2010

Some ideas die hard—such as the belief that pregnant women can’t work in what some consider dangerous or strenuous jobs. If you make assignment decisions based on that mistaken belief instead of real medical information, you could end up in court...Heather Spees worked for James Marine as a welder...[After] she got pregnant...she told her supervisor...Spees...was reassigned to the tool room, with the same pay and benefits. Later, when her doctor placed her on bed rest, James Marine terminated her. She sued, alleging that the transfer and discharge constituted pregnancy discrimination. The court agreed—in part. It said that, while her termination after she was unable to work at all was legitimate..., the transfer to the tool room at a time when she had no medical restrictions was illegal.

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