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ECCHR-legal opinion submitted in the case against Argentinean sugar company Ledesma

Author: European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR), Published on: 5 April 2011

ECCHR submitted a legal opinion on 5 April 2011 to Federal Court No.2 in Jujuy...Argentina, in relation to the preliminary investigation initiated against Argentina’s largest sugar company. Ledesma…ECCHR refers to the duty of the Argentinean state to investigate and prosecute human rights violations perpetrated by private sector actors during the military dictatorship. Ledesma was allegedly involved in a number of crimes...including false imprisonment, murder, torture and the disappearance of numerous persons, including employees at the company and trade union members…The state prosecutor and witnesses accused Ledesma, and its senior staff members Alberto Lemos and Mario Paz, of supporting the military...and providing information on employees believed to represent a "danger to the new regime".

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