EJOLT on a forest field trip in Brazil

Author: Rikard Warlenius, EJOLT (Environmenal Justice Organisations, Liabilities and Trade), Published on: 28 June 2012

…The plantation…extends for kilometres in both directions…[F]amilies belonging to the landless people’s movement, Movimiento Sem Terra (MST), occupied the area…The landowner – the joint venture Veracel owned by the giant forestry companies Aracruz and Stora Enso – first threatened to spray pesticides on the occupiers unless they moved …[but they] soon got land rights for a permanent settlement...here every family now has a small brick house and 3.4 hectares of land…[P]rimary rainforest – illegally – was cut down…for the eucalyptus plantations…[that] use so much water that surrounding agriculture often suffers from ground water depletion…And there are social problems. When landowners sell their farms to Veracel the rural workers get unemployed and are driven into the cities where the crowds, poverty and violence increase…

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