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17 February 2012

Engen partners with support for International Change to fight HIV/AIDS [Tanzania]

Author: Biz Community News [South Africa]

Engen Petroleum [part of Petronas] has partnered with Support for International Change (SIC), a Tanzania-based organisation, to help drive its campaigns to eliminate the spread of HIV/AIDS and empower rural communities...[by] donating up to 2 000...

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26 September 2008

Community takes on big polluters [So. Africa]

Author: UN Integrated Regional Information Network (IRIN)

After years of calling on the owners of South Africa's oil refineries in Durban to upgrade their facilities to reduce pollution, local residents...have decided to take their case to the courts to secure a legal remedy. For more than a decade concerned...

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13 May 2007

Dirty business beware! [So. Africa]

Author: Sharda Naidoo, Business Times [So. Africa]

The government is clamping down on the country’s biggest industrial polluters in a fresh bid to cut hazardous gas emissions. This week state environmental management inspectors...started a countrywide crackdown on refineries and the iron, steel and...

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14 December 2004

South Africa: Durban's Poor Fight for Clean Air

Author: Grant Clark, BBC News

...local residents, like many in poor communities around the globe, have faced the problem of investigating their claim that industries on their doorsteps are making them sick. [refers to Engen, Sapref (joint venture Shell & BP)]

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