Equatorial Guinea and EITI membership

Author: The Oil & Gas Year (UAE), Published on: 27 May 2015

[interview with Ministry of Mines, Industry and Energy, César A. Hinestrosa Gómez]

What will be the main advantage of being a full member of EITI?

EITI’s main objective is to improve the general business environment in the country...

What were the challenges in forming the representative group in the National Commission given that civil society is still in an emerging state in Equatorial Guinea?

Due to the country’s failed bid for EITI membership in 2010, non-governmental and local organisations lost trust in the government-led candidature process. The most important achievement in the last year has been the re-establishment of communication and trust between the government and civil society groups... The National Commission is working on an agreement memorandum to be signed by [government, companies and civil society], stating their commitment to working together towards Equatorial Guinea’s membership in the EITI and ensuring that opinions will be respected without reprisal.

What is your stance on the pressure for EITI to begin defending and promoting civil and political rights?

In several countries, international civil society associations have started to pressure EITI about shifting the framework of its mission to promote political and social freedoms. EITI should be able to continue with its original aim of providing transparency in the extractives industries. EITI’s strength is based on the simplicity of its aim in disclosing finances.

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