Equileap publishes ranking of over 3,000 firms on progress towards gender equality

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11 April 2017

Equileap publishes ranking of over 3000 firms based on 19 gender equality criteria; only 6 firms report no gender pay gap

Author: Equileap

Equileap, an organisation set up to accelerate progress toward gender equality at work, is issuing the first cross-sector ranking showing for the first time how the world's top public companies, across all sectors and countries, perform on gender equality.

It is part of a new tool-kit designed to cut the 118 years it is estimated it will take for equality to be achieved at present rates of change. This includes: 

  • The 2017 Gender Equality: Global Report & Ranking, presenting the Top 200 Companies key findings on gender equality, as well as detailed insights per country and per sector;
  • Company Reports, custom made documents with detailed information and aggregated figures on individual companies;
  • The Family of Equileap Gender Equality Indices (Global, US and Europe) designed to track best performing companies in terms of gender equality. These indices will be used both as benchmarks and underlyings of various financial products);

Headlines from 2017 Gender Equality: Global Report & Ranking

  • The Top 5 countries are Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Finalnd and the UK. They have a higher percentage of companies making it to the Top 200 (respectively 58%, 38%, 35%, 33% and 28%). In comparison, only 2% of US companies make it to the Top 200.
  • The Top 3 sectors are Communications, followed by Financial and Utilities
  • Only 6 companies in the Top 200 report having no gender pay gap. They are L'Oreal, Transurban Group, Adobe Systems, Deutsche Boerse, Origin Energy and Enbridge. 

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11 April 2017

Equileap's full Gender Equality Global Report & Ranking

Author: Equileap

Equileap was set up to accelerate progress toward gender equality...[and] was created in the light of repeated independent research showing that gender diverse companies tend to produce higher financial returns and have lower risk...Equal pay and more broadly, equal opportunities at work are powerful levers to grow global prosperity: they have the potential to take million of women and their families out of poverty and move us closer to achieving the Substainable Develoment Goals...

The 2017 Gender Equality Global Reportand Ranking sits at the heart of Equileap's strategy to accelerate gender equality in the work place. It is part of a comprehensive tool-kit deisgned to make the gender performance of companies transparent amd comparable and to enable corporations to understand how they can improve performance. It will:

  • Help investors discover which companies lead the field in terms of gender balance so they can invest with a gender lens aiming to make a difference and a return;
  • Give the public, corporate leaders and employees independent information about which companies treat both genders fairly over the long-term 
  • Enable governments and other procuring organisations to screen commpanies for gender equality...

Equileap will update this report and ramking annually- so that we can track each company's performance over time.

Download the full document here