ERGO Network calls on employers to actively support Roma youth employment & truly inclusive workplaces

Author: ERGO Network, Published on: 26 March 2020

“Place for All: Inclusive work spaces are good for employers, employees & society”, 24 March 2020

[The] ‘Place for All’ campaign…raise[s] awareness of the benefits of an inclusive and diverse work place and of the motivation and competencies of young Roma. [ERGO] highlight[s] good practices in diversity and inclusion of employers and encourage others to follow their example. [E]ven if [Roma]…secure employment, [they] often…face unequal treatment such as lower wages, zero hour contracts, a lack of career options and even direct discrimination and harassment. It should be everyone’s goal to eliminate this inequality.

[ERGO is asking employers who hire minorities (like Roma), actively support their minority employees and combat biases against minorities employees to sign their pledge to show commitment to being]…part of a community of inclusive employers…[and] spread the word of the benefits of an inclusive work space. [ERGO is also asking for]…safe inclusive workplace[s]...

[ERGO has provided an overview of recommendations for Roma youth employment - see below]

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