EU Proposes Rules for Artificial Intelligence to Limit Risks

Author: Kelvin Chan, Associate Press & U.S. News, Published on: 21 February 2020

The European Union unveiled proposals [on 19 February 2020] to regulate artificial intelligence that call for strict rules and safeguards on risky applications of the rapidly developing technology... European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen [said]... “We will be particularly careful where essential human rights and interests are at stake... Artificial intelligence must serve people, and therefore artificial intelligence must always comply with people's rights."...[European Union leaders] also warned that even more regulation for foreign tech companies is in store with the upcoming “Digital Services Act,” a sweeping overhaul of how the bloc treats digital companies, including potentially holding them liable for illegal content posted on their platforms... “It is not us that need to adapt to today's platforms. It is the platforms that need to adapt to Europe,” said Thierry Breton, commissioner for the internal market. “That is the message that we delivered to CEOs of these platforms when they come to see us.”... The EU's report said clear rules are needed to address “high-risk AI systems,” such as those in recruitment, healthcare, law enforcement or transport, which should be “transparent, traceable and guarantee human oversight.” Other artificial intelligence systems could come with labels certifying that they are in line with EU standards... Under the proposals, which are open for public consultation until May 19, EU authorities want to be able to test and certify the data used by the algorithms that power artificial intelligence...

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