European Union: Project analyses CSR tools from a human rights perspective, focuses on labour rights

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28 June 2010

Labour Rights Responsibilities Guide

Author: Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights (BIM), Danish Institute for Human Rights (DIHR), Centre for the Study of Global Ethics (University of Birmingham)

In recent decades, there has been a strong growth in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, leading to a complex assortment of tools, guidelines, strategies and standards…The LARRGE Guide is conceived as an interactive guidebook that enables companies and CSR practitioners to identify the CSR tool most adequate for their specific business situation…The first part…explains the aim and methodical framework of the research and includes the main LARRGE findings…The LARRGE Conclusions contain targeted recommendations for companies, CSR tool developers and policy makers…The second part contains the LARRGE fact and evaluation sheets for more than 50 CSR tools developed by internationally-renowned expert organisations…

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22 February 2010

The LARRGE Project

Author: LARRGE project (Labour-Rights-Responsibilities-Guide)

As set out in its Decent Work Agenda, the EU...aims at promoting decent work for all in accordance with ILO strategies, UN human rights conventions...the Council of Europe Conventions and the Millennium Development Goals...The LARRGE project develops a methodology for monitoring and assessing the level of excellence achieved in European CSR practices. It analyses CSR tools from a human rights perspective with a special focus on the implementation of fundamental working and social standards.

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