Ex-Imperial Tobacco GC Questioned Over Destroying Health Documents [Canada]

Author: Sue Reisinger, Law.com , Published on: 6 April 2012

…Roger Ackman, Imperial Tobacco's general counsel from 1972 to 1999…was dragged into a suit against the tobacco industry…[B]ecause the GC…took part in decisions in the early 1990s to destroy company research reports on the risks of smoking, the Canadian court ruled he had to testify. Ackman has insisted that neither he nor his former company did anything wrong in destroying the files or in selling tobacco…[T]he $27 billion class action trial against the cigarette industry…is the largest class action in Canada’s history. The trial involves two separate class actions, both filed 13 years ago; one concerns addiction, and the other lung disease. The defendants are the Canadian operations…Rothmans, Benson & Hedges...(...owned by Philip Morris International); Imperial Tobacco Canada (...owned by British American Tobacco...); and JTI-Macdonald...(...owned by Japan Tobacco...)...

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