Export Development Canada invites stakeholders to reflect on co.'s Environmental & Social Risk Management policies

"Review of EDC's Environmental and Social Risk Management Policies", 18 July 2018

EDC is inviting stakeholders from across the Canadian trade and business ecosystems to offer input and constructive feedback on the following Environmental and Social Risk Management policies as part of the CSR framework at EDC. These policies include: 

1.Environmental and Social Risk Management (ESRM) Policy

2.Climate Change Policy 

3.Environmental and Social Review Directive (ERD)

4.Human Rights Statement

5.Disclosure Policy

To assist stakeholders, a discussion paper has been prepared to inform understanding of some of the key issues, questions and proposals being considered by EDC during this review. Submissions are welcome through the EDC website from May 14 – Aug 17, 2018. 

EDC will consult representatives from the Government of Canada as well as our CSR Advisory Council, a group of prominent experts who advise on and guide EDC’s CSR practices. To foster transparency, submissions received from stakeholders will be posted. EDC will issue a Public Response Paper when the revised policies are released toward the end of this year. This Paper will summarize the main areas of feedback and provide a high-level description of how the feedback was incorporated in the policy review outcomes (or, if not, why not). This Paper will be available on edc.ca for the public to understand what changes have been made. 

If you have a question that is not addressed in the FAQs, please email [email protected].

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