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13 September 2019

Investors may increasingly turn to shareholder climate change lawsuits to protect their investments, says expert

Author: Dana Drugmand, Climate Liability News

"As Big Oil Digs for More Despite Climate Risks, Investor Lawsuits May Grow", 12 Sep 2019...

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4 September 2019

Danish pension fund blacklists 10 oil companies over failure to adapt long-term business models to Paris Agreement goals

Author: Rachel Fixsen, Investment & Pensions Europe

The Danish pension fund for academics, MP Pension, has blacklisted 10 of the world’s largest oil firms, a decision that will mean divesting DKK644m (€86m) of stocks....

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23 August 2019

Papua New Guinea will renegotiate Papua LNG agreement with Total SA in a move to reap more benefits from its resources

Author: Sonali Paul, Reuters

"Papua New Guinea sends team to Singapore to renegotiate Total LNG deal", 15 August 2019...

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21 August 2019
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20 August 2019

Nearly 200 CEOs say their companies are committed to delivering value to all stakeholders, not just shareholders

On August 19, 2019, the Business Roundtable (BRT), a lobbying group composed of leading CEOs in the US, released an updated Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation. This statement expresses a fundamental commitment to all stakeholders, including...

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14 August 2019

Commentary: Largest fossil fuel companies are facing lawsuits by communities over their impact on climate change

Author: David Hasemyer, Inside Climate News (USA)

"Fossil Fuels on Trial: Where the Major Climate Change Lawsuits Stand Today", 22 Jul 2019...

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30 July 2019

Australia: ExxonMobil workers end 2-year protest after reaching an agreement on ‘sham’ contracts

Author: The Guardian (Australia), People's World

"Australian workers win ExxonMobil strike after 742 days on picket line", 29 July 2019...

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28 June 2019

Corporate Legal Accountability Quarterly Bulletin - Issue 31, June 2019

Welcome to our Corporate Legal Accountability Quarterly Bulletin -- highlighting a specific topic each quarter, as well as key developments in corporate legal accountability.  The Corporate Legal Accountability hub on our website provides objective,...

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28 June 2019

USA: 2020 Presidential candidates plan to hold major fossil fuel companies accountable for climate change

Author: E.A Crunden, Think Progress (USA)

"This is how 2020 candidates plan to hold Big Oil accountable for climate change", 24 Jun 2019...

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25 June 2019

Are shareholders the new champions of climate justice?

Author: Maysa Zorob & Antonella Angelini, Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

For several decades, individuals and communities affected by climate change – as well as the lawyers, advocates and civil society organizations who represent them – have been using litigation as a strategic tool to hold corporations accountable for...

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