Factsheet on handling community-related grievances in Kenya's mining sector

Author: Extractives Baraza & Strathmore University Extractives Industry Centre (Kenya), Published on: 28 August 2019

"Handling Community Related Grievances in Kenya's Mining Sector"

As Kenya’s mining sector rapidly evolves, numerous grievances are expected to emerge, which should be amicably addressed before escalating to levels that cannot be managed domestically. This Factsheet urges communities to try and resolve their grievances through locally available mechanisms, most notably ADR, liaison committees, community-based structures or TDRMs, among others, before engaging state-based judicial mechanisms such as courts. They should also seek clarification from local administrators, civil society and other organisations operating within the mining areas to understand the appropriate avenues to channel their grievances to ensure expeditious resolution of their grievances and avert violent protests. Large-scale mining companies operating in Kenya have established internal site-level mechanisms to address community concerns. There is need for continuous engagement of communities, based on this Factsheet, on what grievances can be resolved by companies and those which should be channelled to other state-based or non-state-based mechanisms.


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