Fear over Ivory Coast ruling on Trafigura waste pay-out

Author: BBC News, Published on: 22 January 2010

A court in Ivory Coast has ruled that $45m (£28m) due to 30,000 alleged victims of dumped waste should be distributed by a local activist. Claimants' lawyers expressed doubts about whether the activist, Claude Gohourou, would pass on the money. Mr Gohourou's association said fraud was more likely if the lawyers handled the money. The case concerns 500 tonnes of chemical waste brought to Ivory Coast by multi-national oil company Trafigura and dumped around Abidjan by a local contractor in 2006. Trafigura agreed last year to pay people who said they had been made ill by the waste…[The ruling] overturns an earlier ruling that Mr Gohourou should not distribute the payments, and claimants' lawyers said they would appeal.

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