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Federal Judge Dismisses Much of Abu Ghraib Torture Suit Against Contractor

Author: Matthew Barakat, Associated Press, Published on: 8 March 2013

At a hearing in U.S. District Court, Judge Gerald Bruce Lee tossed out claims that CACI conspired to torture the four men who filed the suit. Some other claims can still go forward, including allegations that CACI aided and abetted torture, but will be difficult to prove. The conspiracy claims were critical to the lawsuit because the four prisoners make no allegation that they suffered harm directly at the hands of CACI employees, who worked as contract interrogators at Abu Ghraib…[A] lawyer for the…Center for Constitutional Rights, which represents the plaintiffs, was disappointed by the ruling, but said Lee's decision still allows the plaintiffs to refile their claims to include facts that would support a conspiracy claim… Lee also dismissed parent company CACI International Inc. from the suit, leaving only a subsidiary — CACI Premier Technology, which employed the contract interrogators — as a defendant. The dismissal of the parent company could limit the plaintiffs' ability to collect damages if they eventually prevail…

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