Fiji: Australian-based company Amex Resources allegedly operates black sand mining without community approval

Author: Prianka Srinivasan, ABC, Published on: 23 February 2020

"Fiji's black sand mining project draws international scrutiny", 14 January 2020

Alarm bells are being rung about a black sand mining project in Fiji, that critics say has taken place without proper community input.


Some human rights organisations are worried the project in Fiji's Ba delta region, operated by Australian-based company Amex Resources, does not have community approval.

Tevita Naikasualu is a Fijian activist...believes the mining is putting local environments at risk.

"That is a critical area because that is a food table," Mr Naikasualu said.


Amex Resources Managing Director Matthew Collard has said the company's recent visit was the latest in a series of community consultations beginning in 2008.

He also added the company has undertaken all of the necessary environmental impact assessments and followed all government guidelines.


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