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17 February 2020
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Author: Louis-Nino Kansoun, Agence Ecofin (Suisse)

"Coronavirus : ces pays africains miniers qui ont des raisons de s’inquiéter pour leur économie", 14 février 2020...

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23 September 2019

DRC: RAID submits complaint against World Bank for not requesting compensation after corruption on its investments

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28 July 2019

Colombia: High court ruling stating popular referendums cannot ban mining projects increases investor confidence in copper, says Natl. Mining Agency

Author: Latin American Post

“Colombia wants to enter the world copper market”, 24th July 2019...

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3 June 2019

First Quantum Minerals says it follows international best practices in its relocation programmes

Author: First Quantum Minerals

First Quantum Minerals Ltd. response to Swedwatch’s report “Copper with a cost – Human rights and environmental risks in the minerals supply chains of ICT: A case study from Zambia.”...

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2 June 2019

Zambia: Report alleges mining related pollution causing food insecurity & compromising livelihoods, includes FQM’s comments; KCM did not respond

In May 2019 Swedwatch released a report on unsustainable copper mining in Zambia. The report titled Copper with a cost – Human rights and environmental risks in the minerals supply chains of ICT. A case study from Zambia. The study found that...

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28 May 2019

Zambia: Swedwatch report alleges mining related pollution causing food insecurities and compromising livelihoods

Author: Swedwatch

'Copper with a cost- Human rights and environmental risks in the mineral supply chains of ICT: A case study from Zambia', May 2019...

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20 May 2019

Zambia: Government to strip Vedanta subsidiary Konkola Copper Mines of mining license over alleged license breaches

Author: Chris Mfula, Reuters

"Zambia seeks 'divorce' from Vedanta over alleged mining breaches", 20 May 2019....

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17 March 2019

Zambia: SARW report claims host mining community not benefiting from First Quantum Mineral's subsidiary; company responds

Southern Africa Resource Watch (SARWATCH) recently launched a report titled ‘ Living in a Parallel Universe, First Quantum Mine versus communities in Zambia’. The report raises a number of serious allegations against First Quantum Mine’s Kansanshi mine...

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22 January 2019

Zambia: Mining companies resist the urge to cut jobs despite new tax regime

Author, Chiris Phiri, Zambia Reports...

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Company non-response
10 December 2018

First Quantum Minerals did not respond

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