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1 December 2013
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10 October 2010

Big oil seeks to reverse global warming restrictions [USA]

Author: Cathy Bussewitz, Associated Press

If supporters of Proposition 23 prevail in the Nov. 2 election, California's landmark global warming law would be suspended indefinitely. But out-of-state oil companies funding the initiative appear to have their sights set higher. Success in halting...

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1 July 2007

[PDF] full report: "Industrial Sources of Dioxin Poisoning in Mossville, Louisiana: A Report Based on the Government’s Own Data"

Author: Mossville Environmental Action Now, Wilma Subra (The Subra Company), Advocates for Environmental Human Rights [USA]

Mossville residents are surrounded by 14 toxic industrial facilities, several of which routinely release dioxins into the air, water, and land. Residents have long complained about health problems that a university health study has linked to industrial...

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