Interference with right to form trade unions

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India: Workers alleged they were dismissed by PepsiCo warehouse for joining a trade union - includes PepsiCo response
IUF, 25 Jun 2013

UK: Unite says it has evidence that "blacklisting" of union workers is still occurring in construction industry

BBC, 10 Jun 2013

Protests in over 30 countries against McDonald's over alleged labour rights abuses including breaches of freedom of association - includes company response
National Guestworker Alliance, 6 Jun 2013

Unions allege that Mondelēz is seriously abusing the rights of workers to organize in Egypt and Tunisia
Agence France Presse, 31 May 2013

France: Ryanair on trial for alleged labour law breaches, including preventing workers from exercising union rights
AFP, 30 May 2013

ITUC releases report criticising IMF's "attacks on collective bargaining"
Intl. Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), 17 Apr 2013

USA: Labour board issues complaint against United Natural Foods over alleged anti-union activity - company denies claims
Press-Enterprise (USA), 6 Feb 2013

USA: Report alleges anti-union activities by Palermo's - includes statement by company; law firm also criticised in report did not respond
Worker Rights Consortium, 5 Feb 2013

French Govt. finds Accor in breach of OECD Guidelines in case brought over company's alleged anti-union activity in Canada and Benin (includes French Govt. NCP statement in French only)
Intl. Union of Food workers, 26 Dec 2012

Israeli labour court rules telecoms company Pelephone must not try to influence workers' decision on whether to join union
Haim Bior, Haaretz (Israel), 4 Jan 2013

Deutsche Post DHL - OECD Guidelines complaint re alleged anti-union activity in Turkey - Includes company response
UNI Global Union, Intl. Transport Workes' Federation, Aug-Dec 2012

Walmart workers launch 1st ever strike - they demand end to retaliations against workers trying to organise - Includes company response
Amy Goodman, Southern (USA) 14 Oct 2012

Kraft responses re alleged anti-union activities in Egypt & Tunisia including dismissals of union representatives - includes company responses & rejoinder from Intl. Union of Food workers
compiled by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, Sep-Oct 2012

US Labor Relations Board rules Tesco violated labour laws by requiring employees to hand out fliers to customers apologising for inconvenience caused by union protesters
Labor Relations Board, 25 Jun 2012

National Express Group’s human rights policy enables it to continue anti-union behaviour in the USA, says new report – includes company response
John Logan, San Francisco State University & University of California-Berkeley,  27 Feb 2012

New Zealand: Meat processor Affco to lock out union leading to concerns that employers are trying to "deunionise" workplaces - includes company comments
ONE News (New Zealand), 26 Feb 2012

So. Korea: Hyundai Motor employee allegedly set himself on fire to protest against "suppression" of union workers, company denies "any improper conduct"
Hyunjoo Jin, Reuters, 09 Jan 2012

Asia Pacific: Workers facing "alarming" levels of "precarious work" - such workers said to find it difficult to unionise
Alex Gomes, Intl. Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) 31 Dec 2011

UK: Trade union accuses Honda of "union-busting" following revelation of internal documents - company says it is investigating
Dan Milmo, Observer (UK), 16 Oct 2011

Qantas & Air Pacific linked to drafting of Fiji’s anti-union decree – includes company responses
compiled by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, Sep-Oct 2011

Unions file OECD complaint against Deutsche Telekom for alleged anti-union activities by its wholly owned subsidiary T-Mobile USA & its majority owned Montenegrin subsidiary Crnogorski Telekom, company says allegations are "baseless"
Cornelius Rahn, Bloomberg, 12 Jul 2011

Colombia: Vale Coal Colombia allegedly made reprisals against workers who tried to unionise, says US union USW - includes company response
Tom Heyden, Colombia Reports, 20 June 2011

So. Africa: Wal-Mart responds to trade union federation Cosatu saying it will respect So. Africa labour laws if it enters the country
JP du Plessis, Eye Witness News (So. Africa), 28 Sep 2010
A Strange Case: Violations of Workers’ Freedom of Association in the United States by European Multinational Corporations

Human Rights Watch, 2 Sep 2010
     Response to the report by International Organisation of Employers
     International Organisation of Employers, May 2011

Intl. Metal Workers' Federation (IMF) tells UN Special Representative that precarious work undermines human rights
IMF, 31 May 2010

'Triumph' dismissals in Philippines & Thailand allegedly attempt to get rid of unions - includes company response
Clean Clothes Campaign, 27 Jul 2009

Report by Dutch unions alleges labour abuses, including anti-union practices – includes company response
compiled by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, May 2009

Turkey: Concerns over alleged anti-union activity at Menderes Tekstil
Clean Clothes Campaign, May 2009
Responses from Carrefour, Ikea, Ibena, Mothercare, Otto, Target, Walmart; Kohl & Horizonte did not respond

US universities end contracts with Russell Corporation in response to the firm’s decision to close a unionized factory in Honduras; company gives other reasons for closing
New York Times, 23 Feb 2009

Violations of trade union rights in Jordan must be addressed, says new report

Intl. Trade Union Confederation, 12 Nov 2008

Liberia: NGO report alleges violations of right to organise & other labour abuses on Bridgestone/Firestone rubber plantation - includes company response
Intl. Labor Rights Forum, 18 Jul 2008

China: Allegations of rigged union elections & poor working conditions at factory supplying adidas - includes company comments
China Labor News Translations, 19 Mar 2008

China: Campaigners say Adidas less willing to let workers organise than Rebook was before takeover, company denies being "anti-union"
 Rajesh Chhabara, Ethical Corporation, 2008

UK: Private equity company Lion Capital, owners of Kettle Foods, employs US consultancy to dissuade workers from unionising
David Hencke, Guardian (UK), 1 Oct 2007

Colombia: Glencore accused of dismissing workers trying to form a union as well as two reported attempts on life of trade unionist from Glencore-licensed mine – includes company response
compiled by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, Aug 2007

Philippines: Labour rights orgs. denounce police attacks on striking workers & their dismissals by factory producing clothes for Wal-Mart
Maquila Solidarity Network, 1 Nov 2006

UN Committee on ESC Rights expresses its concern about labour rights violations in Mexico - Severe restrictions on trade union rights denounced
International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), 23 May 2006

Major report claims Dole supports an anti-union policy at nearly all of its plantations in Latin America
Banana Link, 18 May 2006

Asda Wal-Mart: The Alternative Report - company has denied employees essential protection & bargaining rights
GMB & War on Want, Sep 2005

Sportswear companies are violating rights of workers to get products into shops in time for Olympics
Oxfam & Trade Union Confederation (TUC), 3 Mar 2004
       full report "Play fair at the Olympics: Respect workers' rights in the sportswear industry"
       Oxfam, 2004

UK & US unions warn against increasing use of "union-busting" consultants, such as Burke Group, in the UK
Andrew Taylor, Financial Times, 12 Feb 2003             

Dominican Republic: ICFTU concern over labour & trade union rights abuses in free trade zones & sugar cane plantations
Intl. Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU), 7 Oct 2002

Export processing zones are guilty of ant-unionism, says Intl. Confederation of Free Trade Unions
Natacha David, Intl. Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU), 1 Dec 1998

Behind the Wire: Anti-union repression in the export processing zones
Jean-Paul Marhoz & Marcela Szymanski, Intl. Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU), Apr 1996


EE.UU.: Empresas multinacionales abusan los derechos de los trabajadores, según informe de Human Rights Watch
Human Rights Watch, 2 septiembre 2010

Varias universidades de EE.UU. terminan contratos con Russell Corp., al afirmar que la empresa cerró su fábrica en Honduras después de que 750 trabajadores formaron un sindicato; Russell da razones diferentes del cierre
Associated Press, 24 febrero 2009

Perú: Trabajadores acusan de anti-sindicalismo al Grupo AJE; varios reciben cartas de predespido por reactivar sindicato
La República, 12 mayo 2008

República Dominicana: trabajo de alto riesgo en las zonas francas y en las plantaciones de caña de azúcar

Confederación Internacional de Organizaciones Sindicales Libres, 7 octubre 2002


France : Ryanair devant la justice pour de prétendues infractions au droit du travail, et entrave à l'exercice du droit syndical
L'Expansion & AFP (France), 31 mai 2013

République Dominicaine: travail à haut risque dans les zones franches et les plantations de cannes à sucre
Confédération internationale des syndicats libres, 7 octobre 2002

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[PDF] Asda Wal-Mart - The Alternative Report

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Wal-Mart’s relentless pursuit of the lowest possible prices has taken a heavy toll on its employees and suppliers. Workers in Wal-Mart stores and distribution centres have seen their rights violated as a result of cost cutting, while the company’s...

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4 March 2004

Sportswear industry violates the Olympics spirit

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1 March 2004

[PDF] [full report] "Play fair at the Olympics: Respect workers' rights in the sportswear industry"

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7 October 2002

Dominican Republic: high-risk work in free trade zones and sugar cane plantations

Author: International Confederation of Free Trade Unions

In a new report produced for the WTO's review of trade policies of the Dominican Republic (7 to 9 October), the ICFTU denounces the serious infringements of workers’ human and trade union rights, particularly in the country’s free trade zones and sugar...

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7 October 2002
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7 October 2002
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1 December 1998

The social cost of the boom in export processing zones

Author: Natacha David, Trade Union World

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1 April 1996

Behind the Wire: Anti-union repression in the export processing zones

Author: Jean-Paul Marhoz and Marcela Szymanski, International Confederation of Free Trade Unions

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