Germany: 52 businesses call on govt. to make climate policy a top priority

Author: Germanwatch, Published on: 8 November 2017

"Ensuring innovation and reliable investment conditions: The next German government must make climate policy a top priority", 7 November 2017

52 major and medium-sized businesses of Germany call at the next German government to do better and more on reaching German and EU climate targets. Amongst the signatories are Adidas, Aldi, Deutsche Telekom, E.on, Hochtief, Metro, Nestlé, SAP and Siemens. Several industry players plus companies being energy intensive or invested into coal have come on board the declaration. Together, they represent more than 500,000 employees in Germany and about 1.5 million globally. The business majors inter alia ask to aim towards an EU and German emissions reduction target of "up to 95% by 2050" and to further develop the EU ETS, including through supplementary measures. Germany and the EU are called at to jump start the transformation of the transport sector, including through a decisively strengthened rail and local public transport. The new German government should also support faster growth of renewable energy. And it should make a firm commitment to a socially viable pathway for phasing out coal power. 

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