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20 July 2016

So. Africa: Gold mining companies appeal to Supreme Court over class action decision in silicosis lawsuit

Author: Cecilia Jamasmie,

“South African gold firms file plea to appeal lung disease class action”, 15 Jul 2016...

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5 July 2016

Silicosis and tuberculosis on the gold mines

Author: Sarika Doodnath, Helen Suzman Foundation (So. Africa)

…The silicosis and tuberculosis case was brought in 2004 and it and has still not been resolved.  However, the South Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg has agreed to the first class action for sick employees in South Africa, allowing these workers to...

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28 June 2016

So. Africa: High Court rejects gold mining companies’ appeal in silicosis class action

Author: Franny Rabkin, Business Day Live (So. Africa)

“Gold mining companies refused leave to appeal silicosis judgment”, 24 Jun 2016...

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3 June 2016

South African mining firms to appeal silicosis ruling

Author: TJ Strydom & Wendell Roelf, Reuters

South African gold mining firms plan to appeal against a High Court ruling that allowed class action suits seeking damages for up to half a million miners who contracted the fatal lung disease silicosis and tuberculosis, they said on Friday....

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13 May 2016

So. Africa: Court allows silicosis & tuberculosis class action lawsuits against gold mining companies

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21 March 2016

South African gold mining companies form working group to compensate workers for lung disease

Author: Kevin Crowley, Bloomberg Business (USA)

"South African Gold Companies Form Working Group on Lung Disease", 20 Mar 2016...

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12 February 2016

Latin America: Several conflicts over mining projects result in deaths, injuries; recommendations for responsible mining

Author: The Economist

"From conflict to co-operation", 6 February 2016...

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15 December 2015

So. Africa: Gold mining companies push for legacy fund to pay eligible silicosis claimants above statutory compensation

Author: Nastassia Arendse, Miningweb (So. Africa)

"Gold mining companies push for a legacy fund", 14 Dec 2015...

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14 December 2015

So. Africa: Gold miner silicosis litigation - the complicated compensation system & why miners turned to the courts

Author: Nastassia Arendse, Mineweb (So. Africa)

"Silicosis case: SA mine workers playing in uneven field", 9 Dec 2015...

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21 October 2015

So. Africa: Mining firms argue they cannot be held liable for compensating miners only affected by tuberculosis in lawsuit

Author: Pete Lewis, GroundUp, on Daily Maverick (So. Africa)

“GroundUp: Mines not liable for TB, silicosis hearing told”, 20 Oct 2015...

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