Google adds images of burned towns, refugee camps, wounded children in Darfur to Google Earth - seeks to raise awareness, press for action

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18 April 2007

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and Google Earth

Author: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has joined with Google in an unprecedented online mapping initiative. Crisis in Darfur enables more than 200 million Google Earth users worldwide to visualize and better understand the genocide currently unfolding in Darfur, Sudan.

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Author: TF1

Pour sensibiliser les internautes à ce conflit africain, Google a lancé un grand projet cartographique en ligne. Cette initiative veut donner des preuves des atrocités commises au Darfour.

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11 April 2007

Google Earth zooms in on Darfur carnage - Company joins with Holocaust museum to press for action

Author: Verne Kopytoff, San Francisco Chronicle

In an effort to raise awareness about atrocities in Sudan, Google Inc. has updated its online satellite mapping service with images of burned villages, refugee camps and wounded children... Elliot Schrage, Google's vice president of global communications and public affairs, said the new high-resolution images are intended to encourage individuals to act against what he -- along with U.S. officials and many human rights groups -- describe as genocide.

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