Google and Microsoft agree steps to block abuse images

Author: BBC News (UK), Published on: 18 November 2013

Google and Microsoft have agreed [to] measures to make it harder to find child abuse images online. As many as 100,000 search terms will now return no results…and will trigger warnings that child abuse imagery is illegal…Downing Street said the [UK] government would be checking to see that internet companies acted "urgently"…[T]he NCA's [National Crime Agency] director general said initial tests showed that changes introduced by the search engines were working…The restrictions will be launched in the UK first, before being expanded to other English-speaking countries and 158 other languages in the next six months…Jim Gamble, former head of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre…said search engines had already been blocking inappropriate content and the latest move was just an enhancement of what was already happening…

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