Government online mining database to increase transparency [Sierra Leone]

Author: Dumbuya Mustapha & Damon Van der Linde, Inter Press Service [IPS], Published on: 31 January 2012

The launch of Sierra Leone's first online mining database in west Africa comes with a promise to increase transparency and accountability in the country's rich natural resource sector. "This system will stamp out all forms of malpractice in terms of licensing, financial management and general information pertaining to the mining sector," said the minister of mines and mineral resources, Minkailu Mansaray...The purpose of the system is to have information on all revenue data for the country's extractive industry – payments made for licences, royalties, and contributions to local chiefdoms – collected, recorded and published for public accessibility. It also shows whether mining companies have been authorised to legally operate in the country. [refers to Koidu Holdings (part of Beny Steinmetz Group)]

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