Greenpeace calls on Thai Union to reject fishing practices that abuse human rights & the environment; company responds


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12 October 2015

Not Just Tuna: The truth behind the world’s biggest tuna company

Author: Graham Forbes, Greenpeace International

…Workers report being beaten, abused and even forced to work on ships for months or years at a time. Fishing vessels use methods that wreak havoc on marine life like sharks and sea turtles. Tuna is even being stored in the same containers as the dirty diesel the ships use, then sold onto consumers…Though the reality of the industry is clear, the world's largest canned tuna company – Thai Union Group – is looking the other way. But we know from hard-hitting media exposés to our own investigative research that Thai Union Group is seriously implicated in horrendous human rights and environmental abuses

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Company response
5 October 2015

Thai Union response

Author: Thai Union

…[w]e welcome the work that Greenpeace is undertaking to drive change and improve sustainability through global tuna supply chains…We take issue, however, with some of the claims that Greenpeace is making about Thai Union and its operations. Despite reports, we have policies in place that strictly prohibit the purposeful capture of sharks and the abhorrent practice of shark-finning, and ensure that all of our operations comply with every national and international legal requirement…Through our Business Ethics and Labor Code of Conduct, we uphold strict policies ensuring that anyone employed by Thai Union or within our supply chains is treated with respect; we strive to comply with every law – both national and international - to protect human rights…

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4 October 2015

Supplementary materials from Thai Union

In addition to the official response to the Greenpeace report linked above, Thai Union Group has also sent related statements and reports, as follows:

-       “Thai Union Joins Hands with MWRN to Promote Migrant Worker Rights in Thai Facilities”, 8 Oct 2015

-       “Thai Union introduces new Business Ethics and Labor Code of Conduct”, 30 Sept 2015

-       “Thai Union Lifts Performance in DJSI-Repeat Listing in DJSI Emerging Markets for Second Year Running”, 28 Sept 2015

-       “TUF Sustainability Report 2014

29 September 2015

Webinar – Human rights issues in seafood supply chains

Author: Innovation Forum

The webinar gave perspective on the severity and long-term impact of human rights violations in seafood supply chains through expert insight and on-the-ground experience. The particular focus will be on the risks for supply security from trafficking, forced labour and dangerous working practices, and what companies can do to remove these from their supply chains, while addressing the difficulties of reaching the required depth…

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