Guidance on best practice in ethical recruitment of migrant workers

Author: Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility , Published on: 7 May 2017

...The global recruitment industry and its many risks have become a focal point for many companies with extended supply chains. ICCR members challenge companies in their respective sectors to take leadership and become models for their sector peers, fostering a race to the top on questions of corporate responsibility. The companies presented in this study [Coca Cola, Hewlett Packard, Patagonia, Princes Tuna, Penguin Apparel, Thai Union] have all taken leadership positions in forging and implementing ethical recruitment policies in their respective industries. Even though the lessons learned from these case studies are industry-specific, they have global implications that are relevant for a variety of stakeholders, particularly for companies in the early stages of developing an ethical recruitment policy. We are hopeful this resource will inspire collective action and help companies address the challenges of ethical recruitment in a strategic, targeted way that will have meaningful impact on the global recruitment system, improving the lives of the millions of people trapped in forced labor around the world.

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