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6 July 2011

Prime Minister orders phone hack inquiry: PM acts after 7/7 bug revelation [UK]

Author: Tom Harper, Justin Davenport, Peter Dominiczak, Evening Standard [UK]

David Cameron...responded to the public outrage over the News of the World [part of News Corp.] phone hacking scandal with a pledge for two public inquiries...More major companies including Halifax, Vauxhall and Virgin Holidays pulled their...

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1 July 2011

[PDF] Trust and integrity in the global economy: Exploring ways to help create a just and equitable global economy [Caux Centre, Switzerland, 2-8 Aug]

Author: CAUX, Initiatives of Change

Does the common good in our economy depend primarily on regulation, or on a culture of service and integrity throughout organizations?...Conference aims[:]Reshaping business around integrity, trust and core values...Developing community-based...

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16 May 2011

JustPay! Living wages Campaign [UK]

Author: FairPensions

When you pop into your local bank branch, do you know how much the cashier is getting paid? What about the security guard or the cleaner? Together we hold billions of pounds through our bank accounts, ISAs, pensions, and even insurance policies. This...

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1 May 2011

UK: Backed by investor coalition, JustPay! campaign calls on FTSE 100 companies to adopt a living wage

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19 June 2009

UK companies linked to devastating Indian mine

Author: Andrew Wasley, Ecologist

An investigation by the Ecologist has revealed how leading banks, insurance providers, car manufacturers and brewery chains - amongst others - have pension funds or similar schemes invested in a company responsible for a controversial mine in Orissa...

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