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4 February 2019

UK: Hermes 1st to offer gig economy workers trade union recognition, guaranteed minimum wages & holiday pay

Author: Sarah Butler, The Guardian

"Hermes to offer gig economy drivers better rights under union deal", 4 February 2019...

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12 November 2018

Corporate Human Rights Benchmark Key Findings Report 2018

Author: Corporate Human Rights Benchmark

Since its inception, the CHRB has been aiming to answer a deceptively simple question; which companies perform best on human rights issues? [...] [T]his document [...] rank[s] 101 of the world’s largest companies in high human-rights-risk sectors and...

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25 October 2018

Hermes' human rights report lays out how co has integrated human rights due diligence into its business

Author: Hermes UK

"Embedding Respect and Dignity throughout our operartions", Oct 2018...

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23 October 2018
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Author: Economía Hoy

“Estas son las 5 empresas que más se benefician con la construcción del Nuevo Aeropuerto en Texcoco” – 17 de octubre de 2018...

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25 June 2018

UK: Employment tribunal rules that Hermes couriers are not self-employed and entitled to employment rights

Author: Haroon Siddique, The Guardian

"Hermes couriers are workers, not self-employed, tribunal rules", 25 June 2018...

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14 May 2018

Corporate Human Rights Benchmark 2018 Progress Report

In 2017, CHRB launched the first Corporate Human Rights Benchmark, a landmark assessment of the largest public companies in the agricultural products, apparel and extractives industries. In 2018, CHRB will be releasing the follow up benchmark and...

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13 February 2018

Dem. Rep. of Congo: Blockchain technology can help improve cobalt supply chain, say experts

Author: David Clarke, CNBCAfrica

"Blockchain to track Congo’s cobalt from mine to mobile", 2 February 2018...

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8 November 2017
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8 November 2017

Germany: 52 businesses call on govt. to make climate policy a top priority

Author: Germanwatch

"Ensuring innovation and reliable investment conditions: The next German government must make climate policy a top priority", 7 November 2017...

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10 October 2017

Africa: A study highlights challenges related to PMSCs operating in Côte d'Ivoire, Mali and Senegal

Author: Alan Bryden (Ed.), DCAF, Geneva (Switzerland)

"The Privatisation of Security in Africa: Challenges and Lessons from Côte d'Ivoire, Mali and Senegal", 2016...

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