Honduras: Peasants claim that Dinant allegedly seized their land and that security personnel intimidate and threaten them

Farmers of the Bajo Aguan appeared in front of Dinant’s property to demand for their lands they claim have been dispossessed of. The farmers argue that both the police and security elements of the company have threatened them and that they fear for their integrity. The complete allegations are only available in Spanish here

Business and Human Rights Resource Center invited Dinant to respond; the response is available below. 


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2 August 2018

Dinant's Response

...Our San Isidro Farm was invaded by people who identify themselves as the Authentic Movement "Revindicador del Aguan" (MARCA). Our security personnel, who have not used firearms for several years, followed all the procedures contained in our security policy and within the rules of our initiative of Voluntary Principles on Security & Human Rights. Immediately, we proceeded to carry out the corresponding legal process before the competent authority (Police, Prosecutor's Office of the Republic) and we are awaiting the issuance of an eviction order by the competent judge, given that we have provided the documentation that accredits the legitimates ownership of the property in question. The members of MARCA claim to have property titles, which according to them prove that they are the owners of the property in question. The article published by Criterio.hn, has some statements that are incorrect and about which we were not consulted to clarify. In fact, at a certain moment derived from a fraudulent legal process ... in which we estimate the judicial authorities were surprised; we were asked to evacuate the property, as well as the registration of MARCA members as owners of the property was ordered ... [This is a non-official translation from the Business & Human Rights Resource Center, the complete response is available in Spanish here]