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HRAS: 30 seafarers stranded in the UAE without pay for over a year, suffering from poor health

Author: Human Rights at Sea, Published on: 10 December 2018

"HRAS Case Study: Seafarers' Abdonment in the UAE", December 2018

Human Rights at Sea [HRAS] has been made aware of a series of human rights and labour abusive practices against seafarers on board three vessels in the UAE belonging to the ship-owner company Elite Way Marine Services EST, incorporated in Dubai. About thirty... seafarers contacted... HRAS to report their situation... [T]he seafarers... suffer from physical and mental health conditions and are owed more than a year's salary each... Sanitary conditions are absent from all three vessels. There are no sufficient suppliers of food and fresh water and no medical assistance. The crew has reported that they have also been deprived of their travel and identificatiojn documents, which were confiscated by the UAE authorities... [T]he Federal Transport Authority (FTA) in UAE has taken legal action and banned Elite Way Marine Services EST... on the grounds of seafarers abandonment. Seafarers contend that the owner and management are telling the FTA that they will sell the vessels and then resolve the issue soon. Yet so far there has been no action...

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