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4 July 2016

China: China Labor Watch investigation found work hours & occupational safety violations at Dongguan Chengming Electronic factory

[Business & Human Rights Resource Centre invited Dongguan Chengming to repond, the company responded (available in Chinese only)]...

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9 June 2015

Taiwan deports Korean workers protesting over factory closure

Author: Michael Gold, Reuters

South Korean workers protesting against the closure of a Taiwan-owned electronics factory in Korea were deported from Taipei on Wednesday...The Korean workers had arrived in Taiwan in late May to protest over the closure of a flat-panel display screen...

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25 November 2013

No more bloodstained cover glass on iPhones! Biel Crystal, Stop bloody exploitation now! [China]

Author: SACOM (Hong Kong)

…SACOM conducted an investigative research towards the labour condition in Hong Kong-owned Apple supplier – Biel Crystal’s Huizhou factory and discovered numerous labour abuses and violation of Chinese Labour Law. SACOM decided to publish the...

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13 August 2013

Chinese Electronics Factory Hiring Child Labor [China]

Author: China Labor Watch [USA]

Workers reported that a large number of child workers are hired at a Chinese electronics manufacturing company named Jiangxi Lianchuang Electronics Co., Ltd. Some of the workers are as young as 12 to 14 years old…Based on Chinese media reports, the...

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7 December 2012

Children of the Congo who risk their lives to supply our mobile phones

Author: Frank Piasecki Poulsen for Guardian Sustainable Business Blog

In…Eastern Congo, children are working to extract minerals. The profits from the minerals finance…conflict…[T]here are…tools business can use to…change this…Due diligence must come first…When the electronics industry cannot guarantee that there are no...

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16 August 2012

Taking Conflict Out of Consumer Gadgets: Company Rankings on Conflict Minerals 2012

Author: Sasha Lezhnev & Alexandra Hellmuth, Enough Project

Leading electronics companies are making progress in eliminating conflict minerals from their supply chains, but still cannot label their products as being conflict free...Intel, Motorola..., HP, and Apple...have developed conflict minerals programs.....

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1 August 2012

[PDF] [Company responses to Enough Project report]

Author: Enough Project

[Includes Acer, AMD, Apple, Canon, Dell, HP, HTC, IBM, Intel, Lenovo, LG Electronics, Microsoft, Motorola Mobility, Nikon, Nintendo, Nokia, Panasonic, Philips, RIM, Samsung, Sandisk, Sharp, Sony & Toshiba responses]

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1 March 2012

Google sued for Android refund over privacy shakeup [UK]

Author: Christopher Williams, Telegraph [UK]

Alex Hanff, a prominent privacy campaigner...has filed a claim...for around £400 to replace his HTC Desire. The claim argues that Google’s new privacy policy, which affects all Android users, represents an unfair change in contract terms and will force...

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16 November 2011

Unmarried women in Asia: A business issue?

Author: Esther Teh, CSR Asia

In Asia, many companies have a preference for hiring unmarried women. Women about to get married or have married are being turned away by companies. Business is concerned about staff shortages as women take maternity leave, but also the increased...

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