Human Rights First & OWNI Digital Journalism articles on surveillance technology & oppressive regimes

Author: Meg Roggensack and Betsy Walters, Human Rights First, OWNI Digital Journalism; reponses compiled by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, Published on: 24 January 2012

In November 2011, Human Rights First published a blog entitled "Excuses, excuses: Surveillance Technology and Oppressive Regimes", alleging that companies providing surveillance technology to oppressive regimes in the Middle East contribute to human rights abuses. In December 2011, OWNI Digital Journalism published an article entitled "SpyFiles: Revelations of a Billion-Dollar Mass Surveillance Industry", listing companies whose equipment is allegedly sold to and used by repressive regimes.[refers to Adaptive Mobile, Area, Amesys, Blue Coat Systems, Creativity Software, Ericsson, Hacking Team, Hewlett Packard, NetApp, NICE, Nokia Siemens Network, Trovicor, Qosmos, Sophos (owner of Ultimatico Safeware), Ultimatico Safeware, Verint]

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