"I was beaten until I fainted. When I return to consciousness it was dark. The next day I crawled back." Testimonies from the mine in which Leviev is a partner [Angola]

Author: Itai Ro, Globes (Israel’s Business Arena) [Article translated from Hebrew for Adalah-NY by Rann Bar-on], Published on: 4 December 2008

Deloy Mpemba lives in Luremo...Nearby is mine operated by...Luminas - a partnership between Leviev, the Angola National Diamond Industry and a local retired general...Locals, who search for diamonds to avoid starvation are designated 'pirate miners'. They are easy prey for Luminas' security company. On May 17, Mpemba...encountered a armed group of...guards hired by K&P Mineira..."They beat me until my buttocks were swollen and I passed out," testified Mpemba...This testimony was published in a report...in mid-2006 by Rafael Marques...Marques...said that since the publication of his report “the incidents of arbitrary violence have decreased in number, but the problems with the illegal miners continue...[T]he area...remains poor even by Angolan standards..."The Kimberly process in Angola is a farce," adds Marques...Associate[s] of Leviev agree that they in fact have no idea where the diamonds that Ascorp [Angola Selling Corporation, joint venture Endiama, Lev Leviev Group, Omega Diamonds] purchases from the unlicensed miners come from...they sa[id:] "not everything is rosy."..."It is true that it is possible that diamonds are passed on from Congo..."...On the cases of abuse: Initially...claimed that the report did not include any cases attributed to their security company...On the claims that transactions take place without documentation and in cash:"The state runs the business..."...[also refers to Sodiam (part of Endiama)]

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