Increased engagement by industries & governments needed to address threat of climate change to global security

Author: Gulrez Shah Azhar, Eco-business, Published on: 23 August 2017

"Weathering the violence of climate change," 16 August 2017

Among the many threats associated with climate change, deteriorating global security may be the most frightening of all... According to a recent study...suicides among Indian farmers have increased with the temperature, such that an increase of 1º Celsius above the average temperature on a given day is associated with approximately 70 additional suicides, on average... Recently, food insecurity has been used as a weapon in the wars in Yemen and Syria... As global temperatures rise and droughts become more common, political agitation, social unrest, and even violence will likely follow... According to the Center for Climate and Security, failure to address such “climate-driven risks” could lead to increased fighting over water, food, energy, and land, particularly in already unstable regions... Avoiding such outcomes will require renewed support for multilateral treaties such as the 2015 Paris climate agreement, which has been weakened by the withdrawal of the United States. But it will also require increased engagement by countries, cities, and industries on three key areas: resource management, disaster mitigation, and migration...

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