India: Kerala govt. amends labour law after 8-year struggle to allow women workers the "right to sit"

Author: Vidya Raja, Better India, Published on: 27 July 2018

"After A Hard-Fought 8-Year Battle, Kerala Women Workers Win 'Right to Sit'!", 18 July 2018

...A recent decision by the Kerala government stated that amend[ments] would be made to the Labour law: limit women employees to work eight hours a day and provide a chair or stool, allowing them to sit.

These...will...require employers to allow women an afternoon tea break, and a lunch break. This “victory”...was won after at least eight years of struggle.

...Many of the employees, who happen to be women, were suffering from kidney-related issues, varicose veins, swollen feet, and back pain because of the ‘no sitting while at work’....

...While the amendment to the Kerala Shops and Commercial Establishments Act prevents sexual exploitation of women on the job, it lacks some very basic rights to women, which include a clause allowing female employees to sit throughout the day.


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