India: US court rejects case against Union Carbide - petition was over pollution of soil and groundwater from Bhopal gas tragedy

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10 May 2017

Bhopal gas tragedy: Amnesty International lobbies US on human rights issues in India

Author: Press Trust of India

...NGO Amnesty International is lobbying with the US lawmakers to advocate for "protection of human rights defenders" in India among other countries, as also to seek "political pressure" on the American companies responsible for the Bhopal gas tragedy...It also wants the top leaders of the US and India to demonstrate "the importance of making the respect and protection of human rights an integral part of a just society". In its latest quarterly lobbying disclosure report filed with the US Senate last week, Amnesty International has listed "protection of human rights defenders" in India and several other countries among the "specific lobbying issues" for the quarter ended 31 March...Asked about the points of advocacy regarding this, Amnesty International India's Executive Director Aakar Patel said...We have worked with Indian authorities and US authorities to try to ensure that Dow Chemicals responds to the many official summons of the Bhopal court hearing this issue


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1 July 2013

Bhopal gas tragedy: US court rejects case against Union Carbide [India]

Author: Shashikant Trivedi, Business Standard

Janki Bai Sahu, a survivor of the 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy, who filed a case in a US court on behalf of herself and her family and sought damages from Union Carbide Corporation (UCC), has had her appeal petition dismissed on several grounds...petition was on the pollution of soil and groundwater by hazardous waste generated in the factory...when toxic gas leaked from it in December 1984, killing thousands then and many more from the after-effects in later years …Associations of survivors of the gas tragedy and various non-government organisations battling for compensation and against UCC…argue the district court took an unduly narrow view of who may be held liable for creating a nuisance and that the petition had adduced sufficient facts for a reasonable juror to find that UCC had participated in the creation of the hazards referred to.

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27 June 2013

[PDF] Sahu v. Union Carbide Corporation, Warren Anderson - Summary Order

Author: US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit

Sahu and many others living near the Bhopal plant may well have suffered terrible and lasting injuries from a wholly preventable disaster for which someone is responsible. After nine years of contentious litigation and discovery, however, all that the evidence in this case demonstrates is that [Union Carbide Corporation] is not that entity. Accordingly, and for the reasons set out above, we AFFIRM the June 27, 2012 judgment of the District Court [dismissing the case].

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"alliance de 180 entreprises multinationales destinée à soutenir leur engagement contre l'épidémie du SIDA"

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